"Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow"

Laundromat Tips and How to...

Using our Laundromat has never been easier!  Our *Express*  Dexter machines are the best of the best worldwide in laundromat equipment.  Faster, more powerful and yet gentle on your clothes. 

When we decided on Dexter equipment it was because of it's reliablity and ease of use.

So easy and fast....and now your choice of using coins orExpress Pay - PayWave!


Insert your clothes, check pockets for loose items - tissues, coins or pens!

Frontloaders can hold more than Top Load machines.

Check that no items are hanging out over the door seal.

Turn the handle down and lock.

Front loaders require LESS laundry liquid and softener - check our suggestions in store.

Pour in your Laundry liquid and Fabric Softener into the dedicated holes, close lid.

Tap/Swipe/Insert your card - Select Temperature - Press Start.

Or Insert Coins, display will count down amount - Select Temperature - Press Start.

20 - 23 mins and your washing is done!

Top Loaders

Top loaders are good for smaller loads - and for tougher washes.

Do not overload a Top load washer - keep laundry well below top of agitator.

Check your pockets for loose items - tissues, coins or pens!

Pour in your laundry powder or liquid - Top loaders require more than Front loaders.

Close lid, select your wash type.

Insert 4 x $1.00 coins, push slide all the way in and pull all the way out.

Machine will start - wash takes approx 35-37 mins.

Dexter Dryers

Our Dexter Express GAS Dryers are BIG and fast.  The best of the best in the Industry!

You can load 2 baskets of wet laundry into the dryers. 

They will tumble better with at least 1 basket of laundry.

Insert coins or use Express Pay - PayWave.

For Coins - $1.00 = 8 mins drying time.  **Add extra coins before last minute if required.

For PayWave - Tap, Swipe, Insert your Card - $4.00 minimum = 32 minutes drying time.

There is a 1 minute cool down period at the end of the drying time.

Dryers will random tumble after time has finished to stop clothes from creasing.

Laundromat Etiquette .....one of the most important things you can do when using a Laundromat is to stay with your clothes.  For two reasons.  One in case you have left a piece of laundry hanging out of the door and it is flooding, or you have put too much detergent in and it is over sudsing.  BUT mostly for respect to other customers, so you can remove your laundry from a machine as soon as it is finished, allowing other customers to use that machine.  We love our Express machines being able to get our customers in and out in an hour!  Thank you

Emergency over Suds TIP!!

If you use too much detergent and your wash is over-sudsing, too much foam....immediately use our FREE laundry fabric softener and pour 1 CAP directly into the 'soap hole' of the machine.  Fabric Softener will kill all suds within seconds. 

Use our recommended quantities to reduce any risk of this happening.

Remember......Dexters Frontloaders spin at 200 gForce and create more suds than other machines or domestic machines.

***Please call us if you have any questions or problems in our Laundromat - we are happy to help and talk to you.